Friday, 30 October 2009


Welcome to Nick’s Turn Up News interface/blog/dissemination of unexpected information. This is news of a different stripe. Make of it what you will.

From now on, I will continue in the first person. I have enough difficulty managing one personality without grappling with the plural. Not that I ‘manage’ very well. I just am, and that’s the way I intend to continue to be.

Having set up this site, what to do with it? What’s it for? Firstly, I wanted an outlet for my various projects. Over the years I’ve been involved in a number of bands, and there are a few recordings floating about. I’ve also published a few books of poetry. It seems daft to have these sitting around at home when there might be people who would like copies.

So it’s a bit of an experiment as well, to see what feedback I get. I also want to try and develop a bit of dialogue, to try and get some communication going. Who knows where that sort of thing might lead?

Then there are the future projects. More recordings are planned. Certainly, my current band, Echo Road, want to start recording soon. We have a pool of original songs, which we think are strong, and it would be good to get them down.

I’ll let you know about other ideas as they come closer to the surface. I may also want to comment on other things as I go along. I intend to make regular entries to this. I welcome any responses.

I want to thank Marcus Morris for his input into the website. His is all the technical skill, and I hope to persuade him to continue to be involved. I recommend you visit his blog pages – they are superb.

I also want to express my appreciation to Jeanette. Her artwork speaks for itself, but more than that, she has been a great person to collaborate with. I love collaborations, the heady atmosphere as ideas start to move. Of course, that is the nature of playing in a band and I have been fortunate to have played with a lot of people who have been selfless in the generosity of their help to me. I’m sure more reference to all of that will seep out as we go along.