Monday, 23 May 2011

Dusting down

Oh, what's in here, behind this pile of dust? Blimey! It looks like some sort of motor. It must have been pretty sleek once. I bet it gleamed and purred as it ran. A true relic of a bygone age! I wonder if I spent a little time cleaning it whether I could get any life out of it?
Do you know, I think it might just splutter into life again. Why not try to glide around the track a couple more times? What we need is to get it to turn over. There!
Now its flickered back to life things are beginning to move. Two items of news, arrive hot from Turn Up Towers.
Firstly, Echo Road, playing in disguise under the name of Pablo Alto, should be broadcast on the Andrew Marston show on BBC radio Hereford & Worcester at 7 pm on Friday 3rd June. I say 'should be' because we have already been moved once, but the recording is in the can. Frustratingly, we are yet to hear it as well.
Secondly, in conjunction with Martin Clark of Tilley Printing in Ledbury and Tinsmiths of Ledbury, I will be reading at the Talking Wall in Tinsmiths' yard as official events nos. 20 & 24 in Ledbury Poetry Festival. We hope to see a good turn out - indeed, good turns all round. Poster will be available for purchase by clientelle of discernment and wherewithal, and copies of all my books can be signed in your presence for a suitable transfer of ackers. Messages can even be personalised.
And so, we enter the era of hard sell and raw commerce!