Thursday, 5 April 2012

Altered Books

Heads up for this year’s poetry festival; the fruits of our labour in the Altered Books project, which was organised by Valerie McClean in 2010 to 2011, will probably be on display at the Apothecary shop in Homend, Ledbury. I understand the proposal is that it will be possible to hold and examine the books, which contain some beautiful artwork. They were previously displayed in Hereford Museum – a bit further up the road from The Green Dragon - during h.Art week 2011, but it was not possible to look through them as they were housed in a sealed cabinet. This time you can enjoy a much more tactile relationship with living art. It is assumed that those of sufficient bent to do so will exercise due decorum whilst indulging such arcane pleasures.

The local artists who took part were Valerie McClean, Angie Hughes, Wendy Ruddick, Ann Davies, Molly Rozier, Julia Webb, Pam Frith, and Veronique Avon, and I added poetical input.

The reason I say ‘probably’ is that I am not absolutely certain that the final decision has been taken. Let’s take it that the decision, when it comes, will be affirmative.

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