Monday, 2 April 2012

Crank It On Up

Well, how could I walk away from the blog after Sue’s request? It’ll have to be occasional, and will probably continue to divert from reality down the path not taken, along the road less travelled and into those backwaters where the larvae wriggle.

Extraordinarily, change remains afoot at Turn Up Towers. Since the collapse of the little-used east wing last year, huge amounts of rubble have been re-assembled in bewilderingly abstract configurations. We soldier on.

I should make contact with some of the old characters, and introduce you to some new ones; first up, there’s Jack O’Lantern. He’s nearly finished a book has Jack, but he’s decided to re-work it again. He’s a bit obsessive like that, but one day his peculiar light will shine, maybe through your uncurtained window late on a storm-wracked night.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of renewal, here’s the first verse lyric of Rusty Ol’ Blues, a song currently in Echo Road’s repertoire.

I’m going down
To shufflin’ street
Where the backbeat’s sharp
And the rhythm’s neat;
I done it before
I’ll do it again,
I don’t know what
And I don’t know when;
Crank it on up
And turn it loose,
See where we get
With the Rusty Ol’ Blues.

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